Bar à fromage - plateaux

Cheese platters

If you want to discover an amasing world of French cheeses, let us guide you! We'll find an ideal cheese platter for you. No matter if you have never eaten cheese before, or you are a real cheese lover, we can satisfy anyone.


Vin & spiritueux

Bar à fromage - vin & spiritueux

Wine & spirits

To make your cheese tasting perfect, we can find the best wine for your personal cheese selection. You can rely on our selection of the week to taste wines by glass, or you can choose any bottle in our cave to share with the others, be sure to find the best quality the French winemakers can offer.



Bar à fromage - suppléments


Your cheese and wine tasting is not complete without adding simple but necessary things as honey, jams or special cheese crackers. If you don't drink alcohol, we can offer you juices and artisanal limonades. And the best ending for your tasting would be a lactic dessert or a cup of good coffee, as French people do.


At any time in the day we offer the following dishes:

Small plate: 16 €

3 cheeses, 2 cold meats, to be chosen from the weekly selection

Big plate: 24 €

5 cheeses, 2 cold meats, to be chosen from the weekly selection

Plate "Tour de France": 28 € (2 guests, + 14 € per extra guest)

6 cheeses and 3 cold meats chosen by the team from a list of French products, according to your tastes

Wines by the glass: starting at 6 €

From the weekly selection

Glass of Champagne: 9 €

Wines by the bottle: 8 € + listed price

All the wines are available!

And you can also add:

  • Salad on the side
  • Jams "L'Épicurien"
  • Honey "Hédène"
  • Crackers "The Fine Cheese Co."
  • Craft lemonades "La Mortuacienne"
  • Cold teas and infusions "Umà"
  • Yoghurts (several flavours)
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Vanilla & caramel pudding
  • Coffee