France, a gourmet paradise with ancestral culinary traditions...

Here as nowhere else in the world coexist traditional recipes from the terroirs with modern trends, but always with these three immutables pillars: bread, wine and cheese.

They became as iconic as the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower and will never go out of style, evolving while remaining fundamentally faithful to themselves, with a never lost connection between tradition and modernity.

We invite you to begin an unforgettable journey in the world of wines and cheeses with the help of our team: Galina DANARD, our cheesemonger, and Altan YASAR, our cellar master.

Galina began her vocational training in 2013 at Université Rabelais in Tours with the degree "Fromage et Patrimoine" (Cheese and cultural heritage) and followed by one year of training at IFOPCA in Paris to graduite in 2014 with the degree "Vendeur-conseil en crèmerie-fromagerie" (sales advisor in cheese and dairy products).

She is a member of the Fédération des Fromagers de France and of the Union Professionnelle des Fromages d'Ile-de-France.

Working with the Université Rabelais she published her study on the history of cheeses in Russia in the collective work "Des Fromages et des Hommes", published in March 2015.

Altan is a graduate of ESG Paris in Global Marketing and established his expertise in the pharmateucical sector. He also got a Licence in Economy while in Barcelona and spent some years in Dubai and Canada.

In his opinion wine is not only a vector of French traditions but also one for sharing and conviviality. Called by an overwhelming passion he chose to reconvert as wine specialist at IFOPCA and graduates in 2014 with a commendation from the jury.

He works as a wine shop manager in Montmartre before going to work with Galina (with whom he had worked while in training) to become the cellar manager at Fromagerie DANARD.