Dégustations thématiques

Services - Dégustations thématiques

Thematic tastings

2 hours long exciting trip to the cheese world! You'll learn a lot about its history and modern tendencies, different cheese families, regional specialties and their cultural importance while enjoying the taste of the most popular French cheeses (selected according to the season of the year), accompanied by best organic and natural wines & other beverages from our cellar.

Plateaux de fêtes

Services - Plateaux de fêtes

Celebration platters

Our cheese specialist create aesthetic platters for all occasions: family event, evening with friends, business breakfasts, cocktail parties, end-of-year celebrations…

Constitution de cave

Services - Constitution de cave

Cellar creation

Our wine specialist can help you choose wines suitable for your instant enjoyment or other ones for maturing.


Services - Privatisation

Private parties

For a business event, for a family gathering or for a friendly meeting, you can privatize the premises for breakfast or an evening.

Number of seats: 14. For a stand-up buffet: up to 30 people.


Services - Lunch


For those working close to our shop, during the lunch time we propose fresh and tasty sheese sandwiches made on your demand. You'll be able to choose your favorite cheese and meet to complete it. If you have a microowen in your office, taste our lunchbox.

All our dishes are made in our shop from fresh ingredients.